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"Scientifically Impossible" is the 15th episode of Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese which was released on January 16, 2020 on Family Channel. It aired on CBBC on March 17, 2020.


Girl is failing science class, so Mouse offers to help her learn.


The episode starts with Girl in science class, attempting to prove the existence of gravity with a yoyo by showing how it goes up and down. Her teacher interrupts her, noting that all of Girl’s “science projects” merely involve doing yoyo tricks, most of which do not actually exhibit the property or principle she was attempting to demonstrate, or are completely irrelevant to the subject of science. The teacher says that if Girl can’t come up with a decent science project by the next day, she will have to go to summer school.

At home, Boy, Dog, Cat, and Cheese are relaxing on the sofa, and Girl asks them for help. None of them know what to do, but Mouse, having overheard the conversation, agrees to help Girl. Girl asks if she can borrow one of Mouse’s inventions and pretend she made it, but Mouse insists on simply teaching her science principles. Unfortunately, Girl is unable to concentrate on Mouse’s lessons, so he gives her some books to read on her own. Girl finds a book called “Science for Toddlers”, but to her dismay, she is unable to understand the contents of the book. In the end, she simply resorts to stealing one of the inventions from Mouse’s lab.

At school, Girl tries to demonstrate how it works, but Chad keeps making fun of her. She presses a button on it which reveals that it is a robot which detects horrible smells. The robot detects the scent of flatulence in the air and reveals that Chad did it, and all the students laugh at Chad. The teacher is quite impressed, since the scientific community has struggled for years to produce an accurate flatulence detector. She signs Girl up for the city science fair.

While Girl plots to steal another invention from Mouse, she tries to turn the robot off, but it escapes from her grasp. Fortunately, the robot smells Cheese and faints from the stench, so Girl is able to hide it behind her back before Mouse shows up. Mouse offers to tutor Girl again and the two of them spend time doing experiments which fail. The experiments make a huge mess in the lab, which Girl offers to clean. Mouse warns her that many of his gadgets could destroy the universe, and leaves. Girl forces the robot to clean the lab while she looks for an invention to steal.

To be continued...