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Lila Bird is a girl and a minor character in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese.


In "Cat Beard", she threatens Girl that if she becomes class president, she will shut down Girl's after-school cosplay club. In "Clickbait and Switch", Lila has a brand new vlog that goes viral in school. Girl doesn’t like seeing her nasty rival have such success and so begins filming her own vlog about her family’s real life. In "Whistle to the Beat", she is the one responsible for making Boy famous when she recorded him sleeping and whistle blowing with his nose when he was sitting on the bench waiting for the family to get back from getting smoothies. In "Family Bubble", she is seen waiting in line to go into the movie theater.

Physical Appearance

Lila has long brown hair with bangs, black eyes, and light skin. She wears an orange dress with a ribbon collar, white socks, and orange shoes, with orange bracelets on her wrists.


Lila is very rude. The first scene where she appears shows her bullying Girl for being a nerd, and she threatens that if she becomes class president, she will shut down Girl's after-school cosplay club. Later in the episode, "Cat Beard", she calls her classmates "idiots".



  • Lila Bird is very similar to Lila Rossi from Miraculous Ladybug. Both of them are power-hungry liars who try to manipulate the school's students and bully the main characters. In addition, they both have long brown hair with bangs and wear an outfit with orange clothes featured in it.
  • Lila Bird apparently does not have any friends in school due to being a very rude person and does not respect her classmates but she only has her pet Bird as her friend.
  • Lila Bird doesn't like the cosplay club since she said to Girl that cosplay is for "little babies" and "nerds", and tried to have the school cosplay club shut down.
  • Lila Bird feels mature and likes politics since she said to Boy, "Move over, weirdo, and leave politics to the grownups."