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"Greb-Nefual_E-neg!" is the 1st episode of Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese which aired aired on October 31, 2019 CBBC, January 14, 2020 on Family Channel. and June 27, 2020 on Gulli.


Boy is scared by a film that the others think is lame, until they start to disappear.


Boy is scared of a horror movie that the family is watching. He is mostly worried about the curse in the movie, "Greb-Nefual E-neg!" Saying these words will supposedly transport the speaker to "the shadow realm", a spooky alternate realm. The others don't seem seem to be scared. When Girl says the curse to Boy, he realizes they're all going to be doomed! The family begins to start disappearing one by one. Dog discovers a hole in the backyard which he goes into, Cheese falls through the weakened basement floor into the realm while having her so-called "basement dance parties", and Cat simply disappears. Boy gets more overwhelmed, but Girl has had enough and sets out to find them herself. She finds a hole in the basement that she suspects cheese may have gone into. Girl jumps in, taking Boy with her.

Boy finds himself in a huge cave with the horrors that he never thought he would face. When he encounters the shadow realm creature, he runs for his life and runs into the rest of the family. He is happy to find them safe and sound, and he realizes there was a way to banish the curse. The family convinces Boy to man up and say the sentence out loud. Boy walks up to the darkness, seconds go by and Boy screams in the distance and the family is screaming in horror. Boy walks up and discovers it was all just a naked mole rat making all the disturbances with its digging. The family is relieved.


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  • In France, it is listed as "Greb Nefual E Neg" and it was paired up with "Cat Beard" when it premiered on Gulli.
  • The name of this episode, "Greb-Nefual E-neg" is the name of Gene Laufenberg who is a U.S. TV writer, producer, and director spelt backwards and partially modified.