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Girl is a girl and a main character in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese.

She is voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld in United Kingdom and Erin Agostino in United States and Elle Fanning from BenQ.



Physical Appearance

Girl is a 14-year girl with tan skin, hot pink hair with darker pink ends, and freckles. She has black eyes with thick black eyelashes. She wears a pink-collared white tee shirt with a yellow star on it, and blue jacket over the tee shirt. She also wears gold bracelets, a pink skirt, purple pants, and pink and white shoes with yellow lightning bolts and white wings.


Girl is an apathetic but calm and collected girl. She spends most of her time on her phone instead of caring about what's going on with the family. She is often selfish, as shown by her using her siblings (especially Boy) to attain her goals, or tricking other people into doing what she wants. However, she is protective of family if things get difficult and she holds everyone together. She appears to be one of the smartest members of the family, besides Mouse; however, she is rather ignorant, as she can't name common animals in a children's book and almost fails science class because she doesn't learn anything from it.


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