Dog is a male dog and a main character in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese.

He is voiced by Justin Anselmi in United Kingdom and Jeremy Jordan in United States.


Dog is a 56 year old (in dog ages) that is extremely loyal to Boy. He enjoys rules and taking things seriously, but he also has a playful side which often comes out due to his canine instincts. He can also make stupid mistakes or misunderstand things at times.

Physical Appearance

Dog is an orange dog with black eyes. His ears, muzzle, paws, and belly are beige, his eyelids are dark orange, and his nose is brown. He wears a red collar with a yellow tag and a watch on his arm.


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  • Dog is revealed to be colour blind in Colour Me Dog.
  • Dog is known for having a bad habit of scratching himself as seen in Breaking Bad Habits and in other episodes.
  • Dog is afraid of heights as seen in Clickbait and Switch.
  • Dog is currently the only talking dog seen in the show so far.


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