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Cheese is a talking wheel of cheese and a character in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese.

She is voiced by Erica Schroeder in the United Kingdom and Ariel Winter in the United States and Stephanie Sheh in the BenQ Service Studios (US)


To Be Announced...


Cheese has a flair for the dramatic. She can occasionally be egotistical and somewhat selfish, but loves her siblings and is willing to help them when she can.

Physical Appearance

Cheese is a yellow wheel of limburger cheese with a triangular cut on her head, black eyes, and eyelashes. She wears a pink bow, pink, white, blue, and purple socks, and pink sneakers.


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  • In "Safety Dance", it is revealed that Cheese is the youngest member of the family.
  • She has yet to have her backstory revealed in the show despise the description of Wedgie (episode) saying that she was created in a lab accident, which the actual episode never talked about or mentioned it.